Monday, May 28, 2007

Subrusion Live

Last Friday (25th, june) Subrusion, Rusty snake and Master tang played at the capial's Saloon bar. We did a music video for Subrusion a few weeks ago so we decided to do a live multi iso cam shoot for them aswell. Phill organised the shoot and the crew consisted of myself, Jules, Mason Pierre & Phill. We rocked up to the venue at about 6:30pm but had some time to kill because for what ever reason we couldnt start setting up till 7:30pm. when we finally got in we set up all our camera equipment for the shoot. At this stage a few people started to turn up to the gig. As we were already set up and didnt have to film the first band Rusty snake myself and the crew chiled out and had a drink. Rusty snake didnt sound to bad but there music sounded a little same old and they didnt have a great stage presence. As the next Bands Master tang was mates with phill we recorded them aswell. they were louder and heavier than the previous band and suited the crowd alot more. I described them to my mate there as F**k yeah music, because when you watch them thats how they make you feel. the band was pritty hard to film because they moved around alot and often turned there backs to the crowd. I first watch master tang played last year at Dusty Days and they had come alog way since then. Subrusion was the last band to play and they came on stage at about 11pm. Myself, Mason and Jules took it in terns to opperate the 2 frunt cameras and the digital SLR. You would be supprised how heavy a video camera get after recording handheld and moving around while filming a live band. the band plays a mix of milotic and progressive metal and each song goes for about 10mins. Despite this the band sound really good live and have a good stage presence. It was alot of fun to film them despite being harassed by the ocasional drunk metal head. Subrusion played for about an hour and after their set did an encour for the 50od people that ended up at the gig. It was a shame more people didnt come because it was a really good friday night. the footage of the band all looks really good and we got some good band photos that i have put up on my flickr.

Subrusion Photos


Ben Skinner said...

Hey man your a really good camera person. You should totally like take them for as a job I mean. Sobrusion rule! And so do you photo man!

steve said...

Hey drew saw some of the footage from thart shoot it looks mean! Can't wait to see the finished product.