Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What have you done version 2.0

Well its come to the end of the term, and quite quickly I might ad. So its come to the post in the blog where I write what I have done.
First ill start with, Flickr. Personally I think out of all of the sites we use in MPI-104, Flickr is the one ill use the most after the class. Not only is it a really good way to share your photos on the net, its also cool to see what other people have done. Another thing its really good for is putting photos into your blog, website or myspace. And it takes next to no time to do.
First choose the photo u want to upload. After you have uploaded the photo, names and tagged it, select the photo. Click the button that says all sizes, select the size you want to use in your blog or website. Then copy and paste the HTML onto your site. Pretty simple and the thing i like about Flickr is you can choose what size photo you want to use. The main Diss advantage is the Free version only allows you to have 3 sets of photos and limits you to 100meg or uploads a month. This is annoying if you have a lot of different photos when it comes to managing them all. But you get what you pay for and for a free image uploaded it works very well and has a lot of cool features.

The Next main website we used in MPI-104 is This is a site that u use to save links to websites you like or view other peoples links. You can name your links, tag them, group tags with relevant sites and view other peoples tags in your group. The thing I found this site most useful for is working on this class. You can quickly access all the sites used for this class. And unlike the favourites on your computer u can access anywhere u use the Internet. However I found myself not saving alot of links as I not visit many sites on the net, and I found no need to save site like google. One thing I did find it usefull for is saving and sharing pages that are fairly unique to you, like My Blog or flickr.

Last we come to Blogger. I have used Blogger before for other classes but in nothing like what i have done with this class. I have a lot more knowledge of basic HTML, even something as basic as a link is very useful. I have also changed a lot of the look of my blog. I have added a background, font colour, link hover colour, boarded my posts and sidebar, added photos from my flickr and my space videos i have made. I have also put link in my sidebar to my Flickr and and have a sitemeter and Technorati bitten. I was pretty surprised how much you could actually do to change the look of your bolg.

The 3 websites we use in this class work well together and really give you a online presence. It is also cool to have a open working environment where you can see what others have done. Overall This class has given me a good insight into the many usefull sites out there on the internet.

Site meter

Site meter is a way of keeping track of your page visits on the internet. First you register your details on the Site meter page. After doing this Site meter keeps track of how many people visit your site. But it does more than that. It records how many people visit each day, how long they stay for, how many pages they view on your site and more. The graph below shows the number of people that visited my blog in the past week.
blog visits

Another interesting thing it can do is make a prediction on how meny hits your site will get in the future, based on how much traffic has already been to your site.

blog prodiction

This is a good tool to have on your site. By being able to moniter the traffic and time taken on your page, you can inpruve your site to get the most out of peoples veiwing time. It also helps when selling advertising space on your site. And its pritty cool to see how popular you are. Check out my stats on the link below!! or make your own account on site meter.

MY Page Views

Good and bad websites

Good websites
example of good website
This is an example of a well set out website. The heading and titles are easy to read, and the links stand out form the background. Everything on the site is well spaced out and easy to read. The choise of font colours work fairly well together and are well seperaited form the background. All the images are bright and the black background makes them stand out on the page. Links change colour when the mouse hovers them so you know what you are selecting. The design its self is pritty simple but works well to premote the event. movement is kept to a minium to help highlight the premotional band photo slideshow.
Overall the page is fairly astheticly pleasing and must of work well considering the event sold out in less than a day. By the way I missed out on tickets so if anyone knows where i can get a ticket let me know.
splendour in the grass

Bad websites
worls worst website
This is possible the best example on the net of how not to make a website. As the site says it is the worst website on the internet. This is true for a number of reasons. For starters it takes to long to load which is frustraiting enough. The colour sceme is terrible and the moving background is annoying. It has pop up ads, possibly the most annoying thing on the internet. Infact it has examples of pritty much everything you shuld not do when making a website. So while it is astheticly terrible it is done to show others making a website things that shuld never be done. That being said these exact thing are all to comonly found while brousing the internet. Perticually on amature websites.
worlds worst website

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

XML and Rss

XML or Extensible Markup Language, is a markup language that is commonly used on the internet to share data across different systems. It is a free open standed recomended by the World Wide Web Consortium and is designed to be relatively user friendly.
for XML to work it must be well formated and valid. For example if an element has an opening tag with no closing tag and is not self-closing, it is not well-formed. Also if a document contains an undefined tag then it is not Valid and will not be prosessed. more information on XML can be found at

RSS is a common way to publish frequently updated content on the internet. It is used to share content such as news headlines, blog entries or podcast's. An RSS document is called a feed, web feed or channel and contains summery information form websites that link to articles, other websites or photos. It is possible to make an RSS feed with your favurate websites for used on blogs or other online websites. This can be easily done with RSS reader account with either bloglines or use your google account to set up google reader.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Subrusion Live

Last Friday (25th, june) Subrusion, Rusty snake and Master tang played at the capial's Saloon bar. We did a music video for Subrusion a few weeks ago so we decided to do a live multi iso cam shoot for them aswell. Phill organised the shoot and the crew consisted of myself, Jules, Mason Pierre & Phill. We rocked up to the venue at about 6:30pm but had some time to kill because for what ever reason we couldnt start setting up till 7:30pm. when we finally got in we set up all our camera equipment for the shoot. At this stage a few people started to turn up to the gig. As we were already set up and didnt have to film the first band Rusty snake myself and the crew chiled out and had a drink. Rusty snake didnt sound to bad but there music sounded a little same old and they didnt have a great stage presence. As the next Bands Master tang was mates with phill we recorded them aswell. they were louder and heavier than the previous band and suited the crowd alot more. I described them to my mate there as F**k yeah music, because when you watch them thats how they make you feel. the band was pritty hard to film because they moved around alot and often turned there backs to the crowd. I first watch master tang played last year at Dusty Days and they had come alog way since then. Subrusion was the last band to play and they came on stage at about 11pm. Myself, Mason and Jules took it in terns to opperate the 2 frunt cameras and the digital SLR. You would be supprised how heavy a video camera get after recording handheld and moving around while filming a live band. the band plays a mix of milotic and progressive metal and each song goes for about 10mins. Despite this the band sound really good live and have a good stage presence. It was alot of fun to film them despite being harassed by the ocasional drunk metal head. Subrusion played for about an hour and after their set did an encour for the 50od people that ended up at the gig. It was a shame more people didnt come because it was a really good friday night. the footage of the band all looks really good and we got some good band photos that i have put up on my flickr.

Subrusion Photos

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What have you done!

For the MPI-104 class we have a goal to make an online presence on the internet. This is done through a number of websites. the 3 main ones we are using are Blogger, Flickr and firstly I set up my blogger account, an oline jurnal where you post things that intrest you or your point of view. Then a account where you save links to your favourate sites. and finally flicker where you post photos on the net.I struggled to start of with when doing this assingnment expecially when linking everything up. It also takes alot more time than expected to get everything in working order and linked together. However in the last few weeks i have started to get the hang of it all and im becomeing more femilior with how everything works. I struggled with my account with getting interesting links as i dont use the internet all that much. This is one of the reasons why I am doing this subject, to explore more of what can be done online. The Website i find most use full is Flickr, it is a good way you can get your photos out there and share them with your family and friends. Now that i have become more familiour and interested in what can be done in the subject I will be able to be more pro active in my assesments. It is also good to see there is more to the net then porn and my-space....

Brisbane trip

Originally uploaded by rancid637.
On the january holidays this year i stayed with my sister for a week up in brisbane. while we were there we did alot of cool things. Went up to the sunshine coast to go to the beach which was so nice up there. we also went to movie world which was so awesome. the 2 best rides i went on were the lethal weapon ride which was crazy, and the wild west log ride which was also cool. we also spent a day at the gold coast, where we went to the beach and went shopping. Im hoping to go back up there again some time later in the year.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Past Blogs

In the past i have done a number of other blogs for both personal use and class research. below is a link to my old profile where you can find these blogs. I hope that you find them both entertaining and informative, expesially if you have an intrest in television.

My Past Blogs

My Flicker

This is the link where you can view more photos i have taken over the years of bands, trips, partys and just about anything..

Drews Flickr

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Red Hot Chilli Peppers!!

In April this year the Red Hot Chilli Peppers played 3 shows at the Aisa Arean in Sydney. We were lucky enough to score 7 tickets to the Tuesday the 17th show of the net before they sold out. My Brother Dave, sister Erin her freind and I all drove up form canberra the afternoon of the show. After driving 3 and a half hours and paying the toll on the M5 we got to the arena.
when we got there we ran into some mates form uni that were going too aswell as mates form canberra who were sitting 2 doors away form us. It was pritty crazy the amount of people that were at the show, but i was not supprised considering it was the Chilli Peppers.
The support band that played, Har mar Superstars were pritty crap. The singer was on stage dancing around in nothing but his underpants, and at one stage with an unbrella. i decided at this point getting a overpriced burben and coke was the best option. After a few of them i dicided to fight the lines at the merch stand to get myself a tour shirt. Then the call came that the Peppers will be on stage in 5 mins. So i proceded to leg it back up the steps and around the arena to where i was seated. Before the band came on stage a mexican wave started that went around the whole arena of some 23,000 people which was pritty dam cool. Then the band came on with deafening cheers form the crowd including some from myself.
They opened with Cant Stop, and played a bunch of songs form there new cd's as well as some old classics. the stage set up was awesome aswell, there was 4 big screens with live footage of the band as well as a massive screen that had some cool shit on it. overall they put on a pritty kick ass show, and the atmasphere of the arena was pritty eletric. The only bad thing about the show was they didnt play some songs, soul to squeeze which is one of my favourate songs. After they went off stage there was huge cheers form the crowd to play an oncour and just when i though they were not going to come back they jumped back on stage. They played an instramental piece for about 10 minurtes aswell where flea played the trumpet. This was really cool because it gave you a side of the band that you dont normally get to hear in their recordings.
After they played i cought up with my mates so see what they were getting up to after the show. But as nothing was really planed for going out i went home back to canberra.
Over all it was a pritty awesome show, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are definently worth the ticket price to see live.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers Website

Red Hot Chilli Peppers