Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Site meter

Site meter is a way of keeping track of your page visits on the internet. First you register your details on the Site meter page. After doing this Site meter keeps track of how many people visit your site. But it does more than that. It records how many people visit each day, how long they stay for, how many pages they view on your site and more. The graph below shows the number of people that visited my blog in the past week.
blog visits

Another interesting thing it can do is make a prediction on how meny hits your site will get in the future, based on how much traffic has already been to your site.

blog prodiction

This is a good tool to have on your site. By being able to moniter the traffic and time taken on your page, you can inpruve your site to get the most out of peoples veiwing time. It also helps when selling advertising space on your site. And its pritty cool to see how popular you are. Check out my stats on the link below!! or make your own account on site meter.

MY Page Views

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