Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What have you done version 2.0

Well its come to the end of the term, and quite quickly I might ad. So its come to the post in the blog where I write what I have done.
First ill start with, Flickr. Personally I think out of all of the sites we use in MPI-104, Flickr is the one ill use the most after the class. Not only is it a really good way to share your photos on the net, its also cool to see what other people have done. Another thing its really good for is putting photos into your blog, website or myspace. And it takes next to no time to do.
First choose the photo u want to upload. After you have uploaded the photo, names and tagged it, select the photo. Click the button that says all sizes, select the size you want to use in your blog or website. Then copy and paste the HTML onto your site. Pretty simple and the thing i like about Flickr is you can choose what size photo you want to use. The main Diss advantage is the Free version only allows you to have 3 sets of photos and limits you to 100meg or uploads a month. This is annoying if you have a lot of different photos when it comes to managing them all. But you get what you pay for and for a free image uploaded it works very well and has a lot of cool features.

The Next main website we used in MPI-104 is This is a site that u use to save links to websites you like or view other peoples links. You can name your links, tag them, group tags with relevant sites and view other peoples tags in your group. The thing I found this site most useful for is working on this class. You can quickly access all the sites used for this class. And unlike the favourites on your computer u can access anywhere u use the Internet. However I found myself not saving alot of links as I not visit many sites on the net, and I found no need to save site like google. One thing I did find it usefull for is saving and sharing pages that are fairly unique to you, like My Blog or flickr.

Last we come to Blogger. I have used Blogger before for other classes but in nothing like what i have done with this class. I have a lot more knowledge of basic HTML, even something as basic as a link is very useful. I have also changed a lot of the look of my blog. I have added a background, font colour, link hover colour, boarded my posts and sidebar, added photos from my flickr and my space videos i have made. I have also put link in my sidebar to my Flickr and and have a sitemeter and Technorati bitten. I was pretty surprised how much you could actually do to change the look of your bolg.

The 3 websites we use in this class work well together and really give you a online presence. It is also cool to have a open working environment where you can see what others have done. Overall This class has given me a good insight into the many usefull sites out there on the internet.

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