Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dusty Days O7

On saturday the 17 of March Waggers own Dusty Days Music festival was held at the wagga show grounds. I did some promotion around the uni for it so i got my self a free ticket (the normal ticket price was $49 or $35 for students).
The Line up for the main stage was pretty decent.
With bands like:

Something for Kate
Thirsty Merc
The Herd
Bliss n Eso
and many more performing on the main stage.

There was also a local band stage where lesser known and more regional bands played. And a D.J dance floor which wasn't very popular.
There was also the usual market stalls and a few carnival rides, and food stands (dagwood dogs still taste like crap).
The two stand out bands for me were Faker, who i have seen play before and always put on a good show. And The Herd, their mix of Hip Hop and Reggae really got the crowd going. There was a good crowd of people for all the bands throughout the day, which really gave the day more of a big music festival feel.
There was alot of support for the bands on the smaller stage aswell which is a good sign for local music in wagga.
The turn out was really solid with the show grounds packed out by night fall. Much better than last years turn out which was disappointing at best. The promoters put in alot more effort to sell the show to Wagga and the student population and it really showed on the day.
The venue was alot better than last year aswell, and i think it has a lot of pertential to be Waggers mager venue for Big live bands.
There was alot of drinking, no supprise for a music festival especially for one in Wagga. One thing that was supprising was the amount of police with a few people getting done for drugs. As well as a fights, including a cat fight that happened literally 2 meters away form me!
However this did little to dampen the atmosphere of the day, Which was pretty fun especially after a few drinks.
Over all Dusty Days was a fun day out in the sun and has alot of potential to be a Big event for the Wagga Calendar in years to come.

Dusty Days Photo

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