Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Space Song

The My space song (Valentine's day)
Written by 305 (Pierre Duyker, Andrew O'Reilly) video direced by (Anthony O'Reilly)

The Myspace Song

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This is a song written for O Week T.V last year. It is a Parity on emo's and myspace culture. Before you go baging the vocals, which i sung, it is a parity song (and i cant sing). It took me all of about 20 mins to write the vocals, and pierre about an hour or so to come up with the music. Then we recorded the guitar and bass on my mac in garage band, the drunb track is done in midi but is not loops. we recorded the vocals in the T.V studio at tv land, and some of the video. The rest of the video was recored at house 305 last year. It is in no way a serious song, and if you find it offencive in any way then you shuld get a sence of humour...

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